Osaka Kaishun Massage



It was ridiculously great! I will write my first experience in kaishun massage club in Osaka. I had always used health as escort service, but I was tired of them because the service was plain and same. I was looking for something fun on the internet and found a very interesting escort club. Their catchphrase was the ultimate erotic massage.


That catchphrase caught me. I called and made a reservation. But I was not sure if I would be satisfied because they told me I could not touch the girl during the session. However, the massage blew off the worry.


I checked in the hotel earlier and waited the escort girl for 20 minutes. The bell rang. I opened the door and saw a beautiful slender lady like a model. I was glad and excited at how the massage would be.


When the session started, the classy lady changed erotic. The start was normal massage, but I was getting excited and hard-on. She gave me testicle and lymph massage. I got turned on more. After lots of teasing, she made me cum with nuru hand job.


It felt unbelievably nice. It was more satisfactory then health. The ultimate erotic massage was true. I am going to use this kaishun massage for a while. 


Escort Erotic Massage Club, Umeda Erotic Massage
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
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