I did not expect that lymph massage in Osaka



Name: Seira


It was so entertaining!!


I took the night express bus for 7 hours!! I came to Osaka for the first time.


This is why I had lymph massage in Osaka.


I arrived at Osaka at 5 in the early morning. I hadn’t reserved a hotel, so I put my bag in a coin locker.


However, it was too early. Shops are closed. I was very tired for transportation, so I thought about massage to enjoy Osaka fully on the day.


However, no massage parlor is open, but I did not want to be packed in a tight space again like an internet café.


Thus, sexual feeling massage club came up on my mind. I found it cool to experience escort service in Osaka. Luckily, there was a massage club open for 24 hours, and I checked in a love hotel in Umeda.


It was not in my plan originally, but the lymph massage was very impressive during the Osaka trip. 



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